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about flexpack systems

Your reliable and trusted flexible packaging machinery provider that ensures your merchandise and goods receive the utmost protection.

Flexpack Systems supply integrated, turn-key or tailored-made product packaging machinery, project consultancy and machinery support services to individual, private and listed corporations of consumer goods.


We supply years of experience in form-fill-seal technologies and services as a leader for the packaging industry, Flexpack Systems is poised to be the major driving force for this field in Malaysia through technology, innovation and unmatched expertise. The packaging machines are designed to help you get the most out of each use in two ways:


✓ Maximum Efficiency – Meeting stringent industrial standards, requirements and exceeding the customer’s expectations with reliable, stable and durable machines.


✓ Excellent Versatility – Packing and sealing various ranges of products perfectly withprofessional finishing. Our experience with products such as sugar, frozen food (individual quick freezing), pasta, cheese, fresh cut produce, powder and many others insure machines with customized design that can handle a wide range of products.


Here at Flexpack Systems, professionalism and dedication is at the heart of what we offer. Our team is comprised of certified technicians and project consultants with vast, local and international experience with sophisticated packaging machine. With sheer dedication and unparalleled commitment, we strive to provide highly personalised strategies and services to meet all of your business needs.


Flexpack Systems provides a wide range of flexible packaging machines catered to various bag types ranging from stickpack, sachets, pillow bag, quattro seal, 3 side seal, stand-up pouch, stand-up block bottom bag, and more. All packaging machines are engineered to pack goods with great innovation in mind, to put your valuable product, business and brand in the spotlight.


It is our top priority to bring Malaysia’s best flexible packaging machinery to you. When it comes to product packaging machinery suitable for heavy duty operations yet able handle all goods with great care, look no further than Flexpack Systems. Contact us today to get the latest product packaging machinery technology in the market and enjoy smooth production that meets global safety standards and environmental sustainability.


Flexibility, efficiency and modernisation.

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Flexibility, efficiency and modernisation

Flexibility, efficiency and modernisation is what drives the current generation of Flexpack Systems. We aspire to be Malaysia’s leading flexible packaging machine provider for our clients.


Achieve manufacturing efficiencies in the form of cost reduction, time efficiencies and supply chain optimisation

Efficiency & Optimisation

Achieve manufacturing efficiencies in the form of cost reduction, time efficiencies and supply chain optimisation, through the application of Industry 4.0 technologies in flexible packaging machinery and hardware.

Project Consultancy Services

We work closely with clients to provide cost-effective solutions for new projects, machine purchases and upgrades to optimise efficiencies and achieve maximum productivity.

Technical Support

Our enthusiasm doesn’t end after the project’s completion. Obtain professional and dedicated services from Flexpack Systems on past projects or for new inspirations.

packaging machine malaysia

Hardware & Machinery Support

With years of presence in the industry, our technicians offer unparalleled technical support and machinery maintenance service, convenient sourcing & procurement of hardware & replacement parts.