Robotic Palletising System

Robotic Palletising System


The robotic system is proposed to accelerate the palletizing process so that the user is able to optimize the process efficiency and management system, other than human palletizing cost. With the robotic system in place, no drops or collisions due to human error and emotion that are uncontrollable while unloading from the conveyor, and stacking layer by layer onto the pallet or slip sheet. This provides long-term cost savings from in-house product damages due to mishandling or even accidents. In addition, cost savings are also achievedfrom improved productivity. The robot’s short cycletimes enable it to achieve the required high productivity that the client needed to achieve a maximum efficiency.

Robotic Palletising System advantages


  • Accelerate palettizing process and optimize process efficiency and management system
  • Reduce manpower and labour cost
  • Significantly reduce collisions and drops caused by human error
  • Long term cost savings from mishandling or accident
  • Improve productivity and maximise efficiency
  • System design comply to Risk Assessment and Safeguarding requirements
  • Fully customize system
Robotic Palletizing & Depalletizing System

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