Horizontal Form Fill Seal (Flow Wrapper) Packaging Machines (HFFS)

Horizontal Form Fill Seal

Founded in 1968, the Schib brand offers a comprehensive range of flow wrapper packaging solutions for diverse industries, from food sectors, such as candy, biscuit and bakery, to non-food sectors, including personal care, household items and industrial components. The Schib brand of machines include models with top or bottom mounted film roll, featuring rotary jaws, D-cam, box motion or guillotine sealing system. Schib Packaging was acquired by Barry-Wehmiller in 2014 and is now a brand of BW Flexible Systems.

Horizontal Form Fill Seal advantages


  • High speed wrapper for hard candy and chewing gum
  • Servo-driven motor
  • Feeding disk
  • User friendly control system
  • Serrated end seals for easy opening
  • 2-6 jaws configurations
  • Reel run out sensor


Packaging Style

packaging style

Schib Horizontal Form Fill Seal , Flow Wrappers Machine (Horizontal)


Rose Forgrove flow warappers machine, Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines



Rose Forgrove was founded in 1901 as a manufacturer of horizontal form/fill/seal machines and integrated systems for the packaging of consumer goods. Acquired by Barry-Wehmiller in 2006, Rose Forgrove is now a brand of BW Flexible Systems.

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